Pharmaton® Matruelle® - Maintain vital health before, during and after pregnancy.

A woman’s nutritional needs during pregnancy are higher than at any other time of her life. Micronutrients – such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements – play a key role. During pregnancy, a mother’s needs for micronutrients increase significantly as her body goes though dramatic changes to support her child’s development.


For a healthy pregnancy, steady supplies of micronutrients are essential both for the mother as well as her growing baby.


Pharmaton® Matruelle® is now making life easier for pregnant women who are either planning having a baby, currently pregnant or already nursing their infant. With its carefully balanced formula, mothers and babies can now be sure of getting exactly the right micronutrients, in the right concentrations and at the right times to cover their changing needs.

  • Matruelle® Capsules

    Matruelle® Capsules

    Maintains vital health before, during and after pregnancy.

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